The 2017 Nashville NightWatch Roster

          Welcome back, NightWatch Nation! We’ve missed you, it’s been far too long. But now, April is less than a week away and that means we all  get to see professional ultimate again this Saturday. Can you believe it? Neither can we.

          It’s been a long time since the NightWatch took the field last July, so we’ve got a content-filled week planned for you, NightWatch Nation. First and foremost, however, it would be rude if we didn’t introduce ourselves.

          Ladies and Gentlemen. Without further ado, your 2017 Nashville NightWatch:

00. Matthew “Slater” Gallin*

2. Jesse Shofner

3. Zach Avello*

4. Blake Waldron*

5. Jesse Dahms*

6. Justin Moore*

7. Grant Waldron

8. Patrick Dougherty

9. Javier Ortiz*

10. (C)Tyler Conger*

11. Jake Wright*

12. Phillip Dougherty*

13. Carter Rae*

14. Danny On

15. Ray Davenport*

16. Mark Philipson

                                                 17. Ethan Downs

20. (C)Kyle Welch*

23. Xavier Payne

27. Chris Calhoun

30. Ben Breault

31. Patrick Lindsey

34. John Carden*

42. Andy Barnhart*

55. Tom Radcliffe*

60. Corey Hardesty

76. Colin Grandon

99. Mac McClellan*



*Denotes Returning Player


Head Coach- Ryan Balch

Assistant Coach- Will Hannon