Player Profile: Frank Strasser

It takes a lot of commitment and determination to weather the grind of a professional ultimate player. From the long road trips to the preparation time in the gym, it’s definitely a job.

…And one that NightWatch player Frank Strasser does not take for granted. 

That’s why Frank was overjoyed recently when his fiancée surprised him with this at the home they’re building for their future together.

It’s a sort of pre-wedding gift, one that both will see frequently. It’s in Strasser’s gym, you see, and as Frank puts it, “[My fiancée and I] both like to work out.” Frank’s commitment to physical fitness is pretty well-documented around NightWatch camp.

But, that—and his fiancée-- are not all Frank has dedicated himself to. He’s currently finishing up his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Kentucky, where he’s studying to be a CRNA. That stands for certified registered nurse anesthetist, in case you didn’t know, and it means that he will work with general anesthesia, or putting people to sleep before surgery.

He works in the intensive care unit and describes that as really providing meaning for him. “Intensive care…is a real critical time in people’s lives,” Strasser extolls. It sort of puts the pressure of an ultimate game in perspective.

“I grew up in Cincinnati and played for Holy Family Catholic there… it’s a great ultimate team,” but when Strasser moved to Kentucky, he stopped playing ultimate and went hard into school. So, when the NightWatch came to town last season, it was a match made-in-heaven. Not unlike when Mr. Strasser got hooked up with his fiancée on a blind date to her senior prom and this August they’ll be committed for life. 

Dedication, commitment, and NightWatch. What more could you want from the guy who self-proclaims, “I love to play”?