What to Watch For: The Sol Come to Nashville

The sister cities, Austin and Nashville, meet this weekend in Nashville. One, Music City, USA. The other,the Live Music Capitol of the World. Both are thriving, rapidly growing cities that are on the up-and-up. Both house the capitol building for their respective states. Both have an incredible aesthetic scene, home to many an artist and entertainment celebrity. And both play little brother to others around them in terms of the ultimate scene. Nashville has Atlanta and Raleigh as the nearby bullies, while Austin gets consistently overshadowed in the headlines by Dallas. Consequently, this will be a battle for the basement of the AUDL South. A win could be a shot in the arm for a NightWatch team desperate to prove it can hang with the heavyweights in the division. The same is true for the Sol, which has lost 3 games to Dallas this year and managed its lone win against an undermanned Jacksonville squad. Brother, sister, big, little. It’s all family in this inaugural matchup in the South.

Where They Stand: Nashville (1-4, 6th in South); Austin (1-5, 7th in South)

Last Matchup: This will be the first meeting between Nashville and Austin. Austin has played just 6 games in its existence.

Keys Players: 

In Nashville’s lone win this season, Ray Davenport and Jake Wright came up big. The connection hasn’t been there the last few games from these two, who have played together quite a bit, dating back to the Tanasi years. Ray and Wright need to demonstrate that they can consistently get in the end zone on Saturday for Nashville to be able to score with Austin.

Ryan Purcell plays the role of Chris Paul in the Sol offense, racking up 28 assist in 6 games (4.5 per game average). His favorite targets? Rory Orloff and Jerrod Wolfe, who have combined for 27 goals on the season. Nashville needs to break up the triangle offense and disrupt the rhythm among these three offensive threats. 

Key Matchups: 

Nashville’s leadership, consisting of Ryan Balch, Justin Moore, Craig Stewart, Tyler Conger, and Dan Chazin are tasked with the unenviable task of keeping NightWatch spirits high following 2 hard losses in a row. Nashville has yet to win at home this season, fading late in games, but has played well in stretches. Will Nashville’s leadership be able to find the right note to sing to be able to draw out more consistency and ability to finish with the NightWatch?

Quote Du Jour: 

We all must do what we must do
— NightWatch handler Dan Chazin