Week 4: Full Game Recap

At the end of the day, you are what your record states. Long time NFL coach Bill Parcells coined the phrase, but the meaning behind has long been how we gauge success—or lack thereof. 

A year ago, the Nashville NightWatch held a 1-3 record, with an upset win over Jacksonville and 3 tough losses. Today, the NightWatch again stand at 1-3, with an overtime win against Atlanta, and 3 hard-fought losses. It looks like another tough season already.

But, looks can be deceiving. Everybody knows that guy in high school that was a huge nerd and even though he built a small business into a multi-national corporation, drives sports cars with Italian names, and lives in Malibu, he still can’t shake that reputation at his 10-year reunion.

First impressions are huge let’s be frank: Nashville’s first impression to the AUDL was not a great one. But, where records remain the same, there’s a huge difference in where the NightWatch stand today and where they did a year ago.

You can feel it when you talk to players, like Jake Wright, who has been a part of both teams.

“We’ve got the system in place, we’re just debugging right now,” says Wright, who has found more of a home in the offense of late with 8 goals over the last 3 games.

That confidence in the system and the players orchestrating it rang true on Saturday, when Nashville fell to Raleigh 20-18. 

The Flyers came in undefeated and looking to score an easy win over a Nashville team with a reputation for losing. They jumped all over Nashville early, breaking the NightWatch twice and holding a 3-0 early lead. Nashville bent, but did not breaking, trading points with Raleigh over the next two periods and went into the half down 13-9. 

Nashville came out of the 2nd half on fire, with a goal to start the half followed by 2 breaks. A wild and frenetic 3rd period closed with Nashville down only 1 and looking to make some noise in the South. It slowly slipped away, as Nashville couldn’t find the pivotal break and lost when Raleigh held the disc for the final 2 minutes, but it served as an important moment in the NightWatch season.

Nashville showed this team is ready for the best this division has to offer and that even when down, the NightWatch are not out.