What to Watch For: Welcome to Our House

You know how funny time is. When you’re dreading something it seems to sneak up on you and when you are rapidly anticipating something it slows down to a snail’s pace. The old adage “Time flies when you’re having fun” rings true when you’re spending time with friends and family that you don’t see that often any more. It’s just not a concept independent of the context.

Well, from the start of the season until now, it has felt like this day would never come. We’re now 1 day [24 HOURS!!!] away from the 2016 Nashville NightWatch home opener and the first 3 weeks of the season crawled by. That is, until this last week when Ray Davenport sent NightWatch Nation into a frenzy with a last second score in overtime to beat Atlanta. At that point, all you want to do as a fan is savor the win and ride the good will train. And, with all the good feels going around in Nashville, this week flew by.

So, in a weird way, this game has taken forever and no time at all to get here.

I guess you could say it’s about time.

Raleigh Flyers @ Nashville NightWatch

6 PM Central, John Overton High School

Where They Stand: Nashville (1-2, T-5th in South); Raleigh (3-0; 1st in South)

Last Matchup: June 27, 2015 in Raleigh

Raleigh has won all 4 meetings between these two teams en route to a 2015 AUDL South championship, but 3 of the 4 games were close. Twice in Nashville, the Flyers have been down at or beyond half time and have had to battle back in the latter stages of the game to win. On Mother’s Day in Nashville, Raleigh was down through 3 quarters, but pulled out several key breaks in the final period to get to overtime and there sealed the win. The 2nd meeting in Nashville saw the NightWatch outscore the Flyers in 3 of the 4 periods and with a halftime lead.

Ultimately, frisbee is a game of runs, and Nashville couldn’t quite finish against last year’s South champs. Ultimately, the series is a close one, with Raleigh winning last year’s games in Nashville by a mere 2.5 points per game. Ultimately, when these two teams get together, the fans win.

Keys Player[s]:

Jake Wright and Ray Davenport displayed exceptional chemistry during the Atlanta game, with Wright scoring 6 goals and Davenport throwing up 5 assists. Nashville will need to have the offense clicking tomorrow if they’re to get through Raleigh’s stout defense. Coach Balch will look to scheme Nashville’s defense in such a way as to slow Noah Saul and Justin Allen, who lead a dynamic Raleigh attack.

Speaking of Allen and Saul, they each boast 11 assists on the year for the 1st place Flyers. Between Allen (10 goals) and David Snoke (9 goals), the Flyers also sport a pair of industrious goal scorers who will put Player Pierce, Michael Venezia, and Nashville’s defense to the test.

Key Matchup[s]: NightWatch handlers vs Flyers D

Dan Chazin “is becoming the rock on O,” gushed NightWatch captain Tyler Conger. And the stats look to back it up. Chazin is 3rd on the team in touches, but sports the highest ratios in catch percentage (100) and passing percentage (98). His rhythm with fellow handlers Conger and Blake Waldron really showed in last weekend’s doubleheader, as he was instrumental in Nashville’s crucial end-of-the-3rd-quarter score. How Nashville’s three-headed handling monster performs against Raleigh’s D will likely dictate the outcome of this game.

Quote Du Jour:

[I’m] excited to play for friends and family beyond all else. It’s a tough opponent, but… I feel confident we can win if we play a focused, intense, supportive, consistent and confident game. Can’t back down or stop believing.
— NightWatch handler Dan Chazin


Lantern Translation:


Getcha popcorn ready, Nashville! It’s ultimate time in Music City, USA!

-Lyman Surface