Welcome to The Lantern!

Shedding Light On the NightWatch

Ladies and gentlemen! I have the incredible honor to welcome you to the 2016 Nashville NightWatch season, the 2nd for our young franchise.

I, Lyman Surface and the talented Eric Williams (a player on the inaugural NightWatch squad of last year), will be bringing you a plethora of insider information and breaking news as well as breakdowns of games and interviews from those within the NightWatch organization.

Welcome to the Lantern, the official news source of all things NightWatch. Here at the Lantern, we hope to shed some light for those NightWatch faithful out there, whether ye be near or far.

Welcome to the 2nd season of the Nashville NightWatch, a team in the South Division of the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL). A team with 3 owners who envision a product on the field which mirrors the flourishing Frisbee scene in Nashville and have committed to this vision. A team with Ryan Balch installed as head coach and Jason Chow as assistant coach for 2016. A team with loads of new talent and reason for optimism. A team chock-full of Tennessee natives. A team on the rise.

This past weekend marked the 2nd edition of tryouts for the NightWatch and I can say from firsthand experience that there were a ton of solid players on the field exhibiting their talents for a chance to become a member of our exclusive AUDL club.

As the preseason fades and we transition to the spring, turn to the Lantern for the latest on the NightWatch roster, exclusive one-on-one time with your favorite NightWatch players, get a unique education on what ultimate Frisbee is all about (including learning a new language—that which is spoken in ultimate circles), and talk about the growing community that is Ultimate Frisbee in our rapidly expanding city.

Do you want a sport that is growing faster than any other in the US? Do you want a game with exciting pace and exquisite technique on display game-to-game? How do you feel about supporting the local community?

It’s time to get in on the foundation of something great, folks. It’s time for the Lantern to shine some light on the AUDL. It’s time for Ultimate Frisbee in Nashville.

Watch out! It's time for the Nashville NightWatch, 2016.