E to the 3rd Degree

As the final seconds of the Nashville NightWatch training camp ticked away, Coach Ryan Balch gathered his guys together for an inspirational send off.

The message: accountability. The result: goosebumps.

Proud of the enthusiasm and energy shown by the team throughout two grueling days of practice, Balch challenged the team to continue to put in the work day in and day out. Put in the work behind the scenes, keep up the grind, hold yourself accountable and the rest shall follow.

“YOU are the boss,” the message rang out.

As the final true offseason practice closed out, the coach of the NightWatch had the whole team abuzz with hype and esprit.

And so, spirits remain high in Nashville for the upcoming season.

After talking with many of the 2nd year players following Saturday’s morning session, it’s clear that this year already feels different. New players such as Daniel Chazin, Craig Stewart, and Jon Meade as well as a new coaching staff have brought much-needed experience to a team that never lacked for enthusiasm in 2015.

Assistant coach Jason Chow noted how close last year’s squad was in many of the games while handler Blake Waldron talked about how two of the new guys, Chazin and Carter Rae, jumped out to him during this last training camp.

Carter has yet to celebrate his 20th birthday, while Chazin has 15 years of ultimate experience under his belt. They serve as a microcosm for the infusion of energy and experience Nashville has added to its lineup.

Stir all that up and you have the inherent 2016 NightWatch cocktail: energy, enthusiasm, and experience.

E to the 3rd degree.